Civil law

Civil law is an extremely extensive branch of law. It primarily regulates personal, non-property and property relations between natural persons and other legal persons. This means that civil law covers all aspects of civil law relations between the parties, as well as regulates their rights and obligations towards each other. Civil law also includes organizational units that do not have the status of a legal person, but at the same time the law grants them legal capacity (housing communities and all kinds of partnerships).

Therefore, civil law deals with the regulation of relations between entities of private law, the so-called private trading. The main interests of civil law include the content of concluded sales contracts or obligations, as well as all family matters. This branch of law also covers all issues related to intellectual property, inheritance and personal rights of a natural person.


The services provided by the Law Firm include, among others:
  • drafting and editing contracts in the field of civil law;
  • preparation of divorce (or separation) documentation – preparation of a petition, opinion and completion of all necessary documents;
  • conducting cases for increasing (or lowering) alimony;
  • preparation of intercissus (marriage contracts);
  • claims for payment and debt collection,
  • protection of property
  • conducting proceedings and advising in cases for compensation and redress – traffic accidents, protection of personal rights, damage caused by a tort,
  • conducting cases for acquisitive prescription of real estate, division of property, division of inheritance, abolition of joint ownership and all related claims, e.g. requests to settle outlays;
  • handling matters relating to real estate, such as a request for the release of real estate or the establishment of an easement;
  • representation in civil court disputes before courts of first and second instance;
  • conducting cases in the field of land and mortgage registers and mortgage;
  • advice and representation in matters relating to the lease of premises, occasional lease contracts, development contracts, dowry policies, housing deposits, housing discounts, loans (including mortgage loans, Swiss franc loans);
  • bill of exchange matters;
  • cases for claims arising from sales, leasing, forwarding, orders, contracts for construction works and others;
  • donation disputes.

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