Intellectual property law

prawo własności intelektualnej

Intellectual property assets are non-material components of a company’s assets, regardless of their size, nature of operations, or geographical scope. Their proper protection serves as a source of financial gains, builds competitive advantage, and creates the reputation of the company.

They constitute an important factor in the day-to-day operations of companies and can contribute to either achieving success or experiencing market failure. Therefore, it is crucial to consciously utilize the intellectual property assets of the company and not infringe upon the rights of other entities. This can lead to the imposition of high financial penalties and contribute to irreversible damage to the company’s reputation.

The services provided by the Law Firm include, among others:

Copyright law:

Preparation, review, and negotiation of agreements transferring ownership of copyright or licensing agreements,

– Providing legal opinions on copyright law and related rights,

– representing clients in court in cases related to copyright infringement,

– providing legal advice on copyright-related intellectual property rights and personal rights,

– drafting documents for hosting providers necessary to exempt them from liability for copyright infringements by users of their services, assessing the service and actions of users of the website in the context of copyright law.

Industrial property law:

– preparing, reviewing, and negotiating agreements related to industrial property rights or licensing agreements,

– preparing legal opinions on industrial property law,

– representing clients in court in cases related to infringement of industrial property rights,

– reprezentowanie przed Urzędem Patentowym w sprawach związanych z rejestracją znaku towarowego, doradztwa prawnego w zakresie praw własności przemysłowej.

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